Sectorial Body of Standardization (ONS)

The standardization has a fundamental importance for the economic activities of an increasingly global world, facilitating the exchange of goods and services and enabling the adoption of the best practices and specifications.

CATIM, which mission is to support the metal working industry, faced ever since the legislative activity as a strategy for SMEs, especially in the metal industry, which present a very strong dynamic internationalization.

CATIM is recognized as the Sectorial Body of Standardization by the IPQ - Portuguese Quality Institute, coordinating the following technical standardization committees:

  • CT 12 Steels and Cast Irons;
  • CT 18 Tubing Fittings. Pipes, Valves and Accessories
  • CT 33 Metal Ware;
  • CT 34 Non-Ferrous Metals and their alloys;
  • CT 36 Heating and thermo-industrial equipment using solid, gaseous and liquid fuels and their devices and accessories;;
  • CT 40 Machine Tools;
  • CT 98 Doors, windows, façades, curtains, openings clenching and respective accessories and hardware;
  • CT 99 Cutleries. Table objects and decorative silver metal;
  • CT117 Sanitary Taps and its accessories;
  • CT 122 Toys and Childcare Articles;
  • CT 130 Lifting Platforms;
  • CT 162 Cableway installations designed to carry people. 
  • CT 166 Sports, Recreation and Leisure Equipments and Facilities;
  • CT 178 Buildings’ Ventilation with gas appliances;

OUR Mission

CATIM, Portuguese Technological center for the metal working industry is a non-profit private institution of public utility, that resulted from the association of interests, industries, and associations with public companies.

It was established under the Decree-Law No. 249/86 of 25th August, with the changes that were introduced by Decree 312/95 of 29th November and registered as a Public Utility Institution, as published in the Official Gazette No. 15, II series of 87/01/19, at the Commercial Registry of Oporto, Registration No. 2, under the tax number 501 630 473.


Its mission is to contribute to innovation and competitiveness of national metal industries and similar or complementary sectors.



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